The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" I shall be quite sorry when the rain stops," said the little doll. She had bought herself a mackintosh and sou'wester, and also a pair of Wel­lington boots. So she was quite all right. Everyone looked out for the little couple each morning now, and called to them from the top windows.
One day, when the doll and duck were floating past the police station, on their way to the shops, a window was flung open, and the toy policeman called to them.
" Hey! " he said. " Come here! "
" Oh dear! Do you suppose he wants to turn me out now? " said the poor duck, trembling so much that the doll was nearly shaken off his back. " I shan't go to him. I shall just pretend I don't see him."
" Oh, we'd better go," said the doll. " It isn't good to be cowardly. Let's be brave and go."
So they floated across to him. To their great surprise he beamed at them, and said: " Well, you certainly have made yourselves useful, you two! Now look, here is my shopping list. Will you do my shopping for me too? I cannot get out of the police station."
So they went to do the policeman's shopping as well, and weren't they pleased to put his sixpence into their bag!
In three weeks' time the rain stopped and the floods began to go down. Little by little all the water drained away, and people were able to go in and out of the doors of their houses. The field round the farmhouse dried up and the little pond was itself again. The farmer came to the gate and called to the doll.
" What about coming back to be my gardener again? " he shouted. " The duck can have the use of my pond, if he wishes! "
" Oh dear! " groaned the duck. " What a dull life that will be, after this exciting three weeks! "
" Don't worry, duck," said the doll, hugging him hard round the neck. " I've got such a lovely idea! "
The duck was on the river, and the doll stepped off and ran to the farmer. " I'm sorry I can't come back," she said, " but I've bought a little house by the river, and I and the duck are going to live there, and do all the fetching and carrying for the folk who live on the riverside! "
The duck nearly fell over on the water when he heard this. Live with the doll in a little house—and work for her! Oh, could anything be better!
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