The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Gobby rubbed his hands in excitement. Ah, he would make crowds of black currants grow—he would have black-currant pie every day! How lovely!
He wondered where to grow them. " I'd better not grow them in the garden," he thought. " If I do, Witch Heyho will see me. I'd better grow them indoors. I can easily pick some sprays of black-currant bush, and paint them with the magic indoors. Then the black currants will grow on the sprays, and I can pick them and make them into beautiful pies! "
Gobby thought he would tell his friend Peterkin about the spell he had found. Peterkin would help him to make the pastry for the pies.
So he took the paper to Peterkin, and told him all about how he had found it flying into his garden.
" But how do you know this spell will make black currants? " said Peterkin, in surprise. " It doesn't say so. It just says, " To make them grow big and black in crowds' but it doesn't say what I"
" Ah, but I happen to know that Witch Heyho is very fond of black­currant pie," said Gobby impatiently. " And I'm sure she was writing out this spell to make the fruit grow well on her bushes. Will you come along and help me to make the pastry for our pies now? Then we'll grow the black currants, and use them whilst they are nice and fresh and juicy. A good black-currant tart is a perfectly delicious meal to have."
Peterkin put on his hat and went back with Gobby to his house. Gobby picked twenty sprays of black-currant bush from his garden. He set them in twenty little jars of water in the kitchen. Then he began to make the spell.
" There's some soot we can have out of the kitchen chimney," he said, " and I've plenty of moonlit dew. Now for the six wallflower petals. Go and see if you can find some on that late wallflower at the bottom of the garden, Peterkin. And you might bring in a nice shiny black stone with you too."
Peterkin went out and soon came back with some velvety wallflower petals and a large black stone. Very solemnly and carefully the two made the magic mixture, and stirred it with the peacock's feather that Gobby always kept handy for the making of spells. He scraped the shine off the black stone and it fell into the black mixture and made it fizz like sherbert. It was very queer.
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