The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Very solemnly and carefully the two made the magic mixture.
" Quilla, coona, dalla, ho! " chanted Gobby, as he stirred and stirred. " Quilla, coona, dalla, ho! "
When the spell was finished, Gobby and Peterkin painted the black­currant sprays with it in great glee. " The currants will take a little time to grow," said Gobby. " We will make the pastry for the pies whilst we are waiting."
But, you know, that spell wasn't meant to make black currants, but black beetles! Fancy that! So it wasn't long before nice large shiny black beetles began to grow on the black-currant sprays. They didn't stay there very long though—they ran down the stalks and harried about the kitchen floor, looking for something to eat.
Suddenly Gobby saw them. Now Gobby, like a great many people, was afraid of black beetles, though they could do him no harm. So he gave a loud yell, and almost scared Peterkin out of his skin.
" Ooooh! Ow! Look! What are all these beetles in here for? "
Peterkin wasn't afraid of beetles, and he looked at them in astonish­ment. " How queer! " he said. " I didn't know you had beetles in your kitchen, Gobby."
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