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41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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A Frieze of Christmas Trees
I N the Christmas holidays we'll do all kinds of things. Shall we make a frieze of pine trees to go round our walls? It's so easy.
Get a long strip of paper, green if possible. If you can't get green, colour a strip of white paper with green paint or chalks.
Now fold your strip of paper over and over and over. Now look at Picture I. That shows the paper folded over, with the outline of half a pine-tree drawn on the top fold. You can draw that easily. Do it exactly as it is done in the picture.
Now take your scissors and cut round the outline of the pine-tree, through all the folds of paper, but be very careful not to cut where I have marked the drawing with little stars. If you cut it there, you will spoil everything.
Now—have you cut out the half pine-tree? Good! Unfold your paper and see what you have—a lovely frieze of pine-trees (Picture 2). If you paste them on to a strip of black or brown paper, they will make a beautiful Christmassy frieze.
Answer to Riddle-me-ree, page 113. Holiday Book.
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