The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Pinkity's Party Frock
P inkity was a pixie who loved to go to parties. She went to the rab≠bits' parties, and to the mouse picnics. She loved going to the fairies' parties, and dear me, what a treat it was to go to a party at the palace.
Pinkity lived in Jenny's gardenóbut Jenny didn't know! Pinkity had a tiny house under the old lilac bush. All the mice knew it well and so did the two rabbits who lived at the end of the garden. One of the hens knew it too, for she had gone under the bush to lay an egg. But Jenny didn't know, though she had played round the bush a dozen times a day!
Jenny played with her doll Rosebud. She loved her very much, for Rosebud was a pretty, cuddlesome doll, whose eyes shut to go to sleep, and who could say " Ma-ma " in a very baby-like voice. Rosebud had two lots of dressesóa pink silk one with a white sash, and a blue cotton one for mornings.
Pinkity often used to watch Jenny playing with Rosebud. One day, as Pinkity was peeping through the leaves at Jenny, the postman came with a letter for the pixie. The postman was a little mouse. Pinkity took the letter in excitement.
" I hope it's a party invitation! " she cried. And it was! It was from the Fairy Goldywings, and the party was to be the next day, Monday, a picnic party on Breezy Hill.
" Oh, what fun! " cried Pinkity. " I shall make myself a dress and hat of pink rose-petals. I shall look fine! "
That night she went to collect the pink rose-petals from Jenny's
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