The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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garden. She came across old Shellyback, Jenny's tortoise, lying asleep in the grass. Pinkity laughed.
" I shall use you for a stool to sit on! " she said. So she sat down on the tortoise's back, and began to make her pink frock and hat. First she made the hat and fitted it on her head. Really, it looked very pretty, all made of silky petals. Then she began to make the frock.
She worked till dawn, and then she had to go and fetch some more pink thread from her little house. So she dropped the little frock lightly on to the ground by the tortoise and ran off.
When she came back, whatever do you think had happened? Why, the old tortoise had awakened, and put his head out of his shell. He had seen the rose-petal frock—and had begun to eat it up!
You see, rose-petals were a great treat to him. He loved a feast of them and didn't often get them. So when he saw the rose-petal frock, he began to gobble it up in delight!
Well, poor Pinkity sat down and cried and cried when she saw what was happening! " You horrid unkind thing! " she sobbed. " Here I've spent all night long making my new frock—and you eat it in about two minutes! "
" Sorry! " said Shellyback. " I didn't know it was a frock. I thought it was just rose-petals and I'm very fond of them."
" It's Monday morning now and there won't be time to make myself a frock again," sobbed Pinkity. " I shan't be able to go to the picnic this afternoon! "
" I'm very sorry," said Shellyback again. He did wish he could do something!
Pinkity slipped back to her house under the bush, still crying. Shelly­back pulled at the grass and waited for Jenny to come out to play.
When she came out she looked very important. It was Monday—and she was going to have a washing-day just like Mother! She had washed Rosebud's pink silk frock, and her white petticoat and vest, and had washed her pram-cover and pillow-case too. Now Mother had put her up a little clothes line in the garden to hang the things on to dry!
The tortoise watched Jenny pegging up all the clothes. He wished he could tell her about Pinkity, but he had only a hiss for a voice and Jenny wouldn't understand.
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