The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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The tortoise watched Jenny pegging up all the clothes.
Jenny went indoors then to get her hat and coat for a walk. Shelly-back watched the clothes flying on the line and went on eating.
The wind blew hard. It blew the little clothes on the little line and it blew Mother's big clothes on the big line. It blew so hard that it blew the pink silk frock off the line altogether, and it flew off and wrapped itself round the tortoise's head!
He was surprised! He put his head into his shell at once. Then he poked it out again to see what it was that had dropped on him.
It was Rosebud's best pink silk frock—and the tortoise stared at it in excitement. Just the thing for Pinkity to wear at the picnic! If only it would fit her!
Shellyback picked the frock up in his mouth and crawled under the lilac bush with it. Pinkity was there, still crying. How she stared when she saw the tortoise bringing the pink silk frock!
"Oh! Oh! Where did you get it from? " she cried. "What a beautiful dress—and I believe it will just fit me—and will match my new rose-petal bonnet beautifully/' She slipped the frock over her head and
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