The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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tied the white sash round. How sweet she looked!
" Oh, thank you! " she said to Shellyback, kissing his little blunt nose. " I'll wear it to the picnic! "
She ironed it out, and then put it on for the picnic with her pretty pink bonnet. Off she went, as happy as could be—and how every one admired her in her pretty silk frock!
Poor Jenny was upset when she came in from her walk and found the pink silk frock had been blown off the line. She hunted and hunted for it—but, of course, she couldn't find it! Then it was her
turn to weep!
" Oh, thank you," she said to Shellyback.
The tortoise heard her crying
and soon knew why. How un­comfortable he felt! First he had eaten Pinkity's rose-petal frock and made her cry—and now he had taken away Jenny's doll's frock and made her cry. He went to the lilac bush and waited for Pinkity to come home.
When she came he told her how upset Jenny was. " Oh dear! " said Pinkity, " what a shame! Well, I'll soon wash and iron this frock, Shelly-back, and then I'll give it back to Jenny for Rosebud. And I'll give her my rose-petal bonnet too. It should fit the doll nicely."
So that evening Pinkity washed and ironed the pink frock, and then packed it up in a little box, with the pink bonnet too. She flew up to the nursery window, slipped in at the top, and left the box on the table.
When Jenny found it and opened it the next morning, she could hardly believe her eyes! " Oh, look! " she said, " here's my doll's frock back—and a lovely rose-petal bonnet too! It will just fit Rosebud."
So it did, and she wears it every time she goes out. Jenny would so love to know who made it. Shellyback has told her heaps of times, but she doesn't understand his hisses. I wish I could tell her, don't you?
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