The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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to the river. Billy carried all the boats on a tiny tray, for fear of spoiling them. When he came to the river, he set the tray down on the ground.
He launched one tiny boat, and it bobbed up and down beautifully on the ripples. The wind pulled at the tiny sail. Billy carefully put a brownie in the boat, and away it went, bobbing merrily over the river. Then another boat followed it—and another—and another—till the whole fleet was sailing away, looking perfectly lovely on the moonlit water.
The last but one had the twelfth luggage boat tied to the back of it. The two little boats bobbed safely away, the brownie in the first one waving good-bye. Billy stood and watched his fleet of walnut-shell boats sailing across to the other side, the wind blowing hard on the little paper sails. Not one boat sank.
" I do feel proud and pleased," said Billy to himself. " I've really done something to-night. I'll go to Wishing Wood some day and see if I can find those brownies again! "
He hasn't been yet, but I expect he will go soon. Would you like to make a fleet of walnut-shell boats like Billy? You can, easily. Sail them in the bath and they will look fine!
The whole fleet was sailing away.
. 234
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