The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" I do, though! " said one of the little rabbits. " You know our cousin, who lives in the hutch in the garden over there, don't you? Well, he told me about a beautiful little house, with windows and doors and furniture and everything, in the children's nursery there. Why don't the fairies see if that is for sale? "
" That's a good idea," said Gossamer. " But wait a minute! It would never do for the children or any one to see us. Why, we might be caught and put in a cage or something! "
" Oh, you needn't be afraid of that," said the father-rabbit at once. " The nursery belongs to Jonathan and Lucy, two children who don't believe in fairies. So you'll be quite safe, because, as you know perfectly well, people who don't believe in fairies can't see them even they are under their noses."
" Oh, that's good," said Tiptap. " Come along you othersówe'll go and find this lovely house."
The nine elves all trooped off, and soon came to the house. They knew which was the nursery window because it had bars across. Up they
flew, and stood on the window-sill to peep in. Nobody was in the nursery at all.
The window was open at the bottom. The elves slipped in and flew down to the nursery floor. They looked round. Where was this wonderful house that the rabbits had told them about?
" There it is! Over there in the corner!" squealed Goldie-wings in delight. So it wasóa beautiful dolls' house with a blue front door, a tiny brass knocker, a letter-box, nice casement windows, and blue curtains! Marvellous!
The nine elves ran up to it, squeaking with joy.
" I wonder if any one lives
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