The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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here," said Twinkles, and she knocked at the door. The elves heard foot­steps coming and the door opened. A little doll, not much bigger than themselves, looked at them in astonishment.
" Oh," said Tiptap, " we thought perhaps this house was empty."
" No, I live here," said the small doll, who was dressed like a little girl. " But it's terribly lonely living here all by myself. I was surprised to hear some one knocking at my door."
" We really came to see if the house was for sale," said Goldie-wings. " Our house was picked to-day—it was a large mushroom, you see—so we are looking for another."
" This house isn't for sale," said the tiny doll. " It belongs to Jona­than and Lucy, two children. But do come in. I'd love you to live with me, if only you think there is enough room."
All the elves went in at the little door. They shouted with joy to see the beautiful rooms and dainty furniture everywhere. There were three bedrooms, a drawing-room with a piano, a dining-room, and a fine kitchen with a little stove.
" It's perfect—it's perfect! " cried the elves. " There are quite enough beds for us, for there are two beds in each room—that's six. We can get two in a bed easily, so there are more than enough beds, counting one for you too, little doll."
" My name is Belinda," said the doll. " Do come and live here. Think of the fun we can have together—the cookings on the stove—the games of snap and snakes and ladders in the evening when the children are in bed—the fun we'll have cleaning the house together—the parties we'll give to all the toys! "
" We'll come! " said the elves, and they solemnly shook hands with Belinda, whose eyes were shining with joy.
" You needn't be afraid of being seen," said Belinda, " because, although there are two children here, they don't believe in fairies. Isn't that lucky! They can't see you if they don't believe in you, as you know."
Well, it didn't take long for the nine elves to settle down in the dolls' house with Belinda. The fun they had choosing and making their little beds! They opened every drawer in the chests and chose which one each of them would have. They tried cooking toffee on the tiny kitchen stove, and it smelt so good that the golliwog, the teddy-bear, and the clockwork
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