The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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see Goldie-wings scrubbing the kitchen floor. She didn't see Gossamer playing the piano in the little drawing-room. She didn't see Twinkles and Tiptap having a game of hide-and-seek in the bedrooms.
Ah, but Lucy was astonished at some things she saw! She couldn't think who had been poHshing the stove till it shone. She couldn't think who had washed the curtains at the windows. She couldn't think who had set the little clock going on the wall. It was all most mysterious.
And then one day some one came to tea. It was a friend of Lucy's, called Mirabel. She believed in fairies—and as soon as Lucy opened the front of the dolls' house, Mirabel saw the elves!
" Oh! " she cried, " fairies! You've got fairies living in your dolls' house with Belinda! Look! "
But even as Lucy tried to see them, they hid themselves away, and soon not even Mirabel could see them either. They had slipped out of the back door and had popped into the bookshelf behind, hiding themselves among the books.
" You are a story-teller, Mirabel! " said Lucy. " I'll believe there are fairies there if you catch one for me and show me one. I don't believe in fairies at all."
" Well, it's no good my catching you one then, for you wouldn't see it if I did," said Mirabel, and she didn't say a single word more, though she couldn't help wondering where the nine little elves had gone.
They are all living in the dolls' house still, and Belinda doesn't know what she would do without them now. As for Jonathan and Lucy, they haven't seen one of them and they never will; but if you happen to go and play with Lucy, open her dolls' house and peep inside. You will be surprised to see those tiny, bright-eyed elves!
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