The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Pitter-patter, pitter-patter! " The water splashed down on Dame Thump. What a state she was in!
" Oh, my best frock! Oh, will it be spoilt before I get to the palace! Now who would have thought it would rain like this! If only I had an umbrella! " she said. Then she remembered that Chuckle's shop was just nearby, and she hurried to buy a blue umbrella to match her frock. Chuckle was delighted.
Pip laughed so much that he nearly fell out of the tree. He just managed to save himself in time to give Dame Thump a gentle splashing as she passed by with her new um­brella held over her head.
Then came Mr. and Mrs. Spink with all their four children. They were very smart indeed. Mr. Spink had on a yellow silk suit with hat arid feather to match. Mrs. Spink had on a frock as bright as the sun. All the children were dressed alike in red frocks and tunics.
Pip grinned. He tipped up his watering-can. First he watered Mr. Spink and his yellow hat. Then he watered Mrs. Spink and her glitter­ing frock. Then he watered all the little Spinks, who cried out in dismay.
"Mother! Father! It's rain­ing on our new dresses! Didn't you bring an umbrella? "
" No," said Mr. Spink, looking up at the sky. " Dear, dear! Well, I think it's stopping now. Let's stand under this tree, dears, and we shall keep dry." But it was no place to stand if they wanted to keep dry! Pip nearly burst himself with trying not to laugh, and he at once emptied a whole canful over the Spink family!
M Oh, the rain is simply pouring down! ** said poor Mrs. Spink. " It's even soaking through the tree. Look! There is an umbrella shop,
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