The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" I shall be soaked! " said Tiptoe, who had on a very thin dress of spider's thread.
" What shall we do? " said Longbeard. Pip helped them to think by watering them again. They caught sight of Chuckle's shop. " Look! He sells umbrellas! " they cried. " Let's get some! We'll be all right then! "
Off they went and bought three expensive umbrellas. Then they set off to the palace once more, rather puzzled because the rain seemed to have completely stopped!
Pip was having a glorious time. He could hardly sit still in his hiding-place, he was so excited. To think that his idea was acting so well!
Other guests came along and Pip watered them all. As every one was in best clothes they all rushed to get umbrellas. Soon Chuckle hadn't a single umbrella left and he began to sell his sunshades as umbrellas. He was doing very well indeed—though his customers were rather puzzled by his giggles! But as his name was Chuckle, they thought he couldn't help giggling a bit.
Now when every one arrived at the palace, complete with umbrellas, complaining of the rain, the King was most astonished.
" Raining! " he said. " Impossible! "
" Not at all impossible, Your Majesty! " said Longbeard. " Look at my beard. It's soaked! "
" But I made a special bit of magic to-day to keep the rain off," said the King. " It can't possibly rain to-day."
As every one was in his best clothes they all rushed to get umbrellas.
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