The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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tree—when, as every one knows, it rains all around if it rains at all, not just in one small place! This is puzzling! I must inquire into it! "
The King sent the Lord High Chamberlain down to see into the matter. The Chamberlain, who was a very rich and grand man, most beautifully dressed in cloth of gold, stepped down the palace drive to the gate. Then he walked haughtily to the big tree that stood by the gate.
Pip was still there. He saw the Lord High Chamberlain and grinned. My goodness, if only he could make him buy an umbrella or a sunshade— he would buy the finest one in the whole shop!
He tipped up a watering-can—pitter-patter, down went the water! The Chamberlain was most astonished and annoyed. Could it be raining
after all? He looked up at the tree.
And he saw Pip's naughty, cheeky face peeping there! He knew at once what had been happening. He commanded the frigh­tened pixie to come down and he fetched Chuckle too. Holding them by their big pointed ears he took them back to the palace with him.
" These pixies watered every one who passed by, so that they would go and buy um­brellas," said the Lord High Chamberlain in an awful voice.
" Is that so? " said the King, also in a very
stern voice. " Then I make a law in future
The Chamberlain was a very rich and grand man.
that nobody in the whole of Fairyland shall buy anything from these two bad pixies. You may go, pixies."
They went, crying bitterly. They knew that they would have hard work to make a living now, for nobody would buy from them. Poor Pip and Chuckle!
But they soon found a job with the dandelions, who were very good to them. Do you know what they do? Guess! Yes—they make those beautiful little parachutes that are fitted to every dandelion-seed! Find a dandelion-clock and take the seeds into your hand. You will see that you have dozens of little parachutes there, made of the finest hair. Blow them into the air and see how well they fly!
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