The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Nobbly lay and looked at his feet.
Nobbly lay and looked at his feet, thinking all the time that they were hands, and wondering what in the world he could do to frighten away Big-Hands, whom he thought was hiding at the end of the bed. Then suddenly the moon went behind a cloud and the room became dark. Nobbly decided to creep out of bed and light his candle.
He crept out, and went to the table by the wall where his candle stood. He lighted it and then held it up to see Big-Hands—but, of course, there was no one at the end of the bed at all! No—not a sign of Big-Hands the gnome! It was most puzzling!
" He's gone! " said Nobbly, pleased. " Oh, what a fright he gave me, the horrid creature! What shall I do if he comes again to-morrow night? I shan't dare to go to bed! I shall go and complain to Mister Stick, the policeman."
So, the next morning Nobbly went to the cottage where Mister Stick the policeman lived. He was just finishing his morning cup of cocoa, and he listened in surprise when Nobbly told him what he had seen the night before.
" Yes, I tell you," said Nobbly, all excited. " That nasty, unkind gnome came into my room in the middle of the night, hid himself at the end of my bed, and then, when I woke up, I saw his big hands sticking up ready to come at me! Think of that, now! Don't you think you ought to go and take Big-Hands to prison? "
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