The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Ooh! Ow! " yelled Nobbly, in a fright. "Wake up, Big-Hands! Look! Look! "
Big-Hands woke up with a jump and sat up in the moonlight. He saw at once what Nobbly was looking atóbut he was wiser than the foolish goblin, and he knew that what Nobbly thought were hands, were really his own bony feet with the bed-clothes off! He began to laugh. How he laughed!
He rolled over and over in the bed, dragging all the clothes from Nobbly and making him shiver with cold.
" Ho ho ho, ha ha ha, he he he! " yelled Big-Hands, the tears pouring down his cheeks. " Oh, Nobbly, you'll be the death of me, really you will! It's your own silly big feet looking at you, not a robber's hands at all! Oh my, oh my, I've such a stitch in my side! Whatever will you do next ? "
Well, when Nobbly looked a little closer, and waggled his toes about to see if the hands really were his feet, he found that Big-Hands was rightó and he went as red as a cooked beetroot! You should have seen him. He did feel so ashamed of himself. Whatever would Mister Stick say? And what would all the village say too, when it heard the tale of how Nobbly had been scared of his own feetóand had even tied them up in a loop of rope, and rolled about the floor! Oh dear! What a dreadful silly he was, to be sure.
" Oh, Nobbly, you'll be the joke of the town to-morrow! " laughed Big-Hands, wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes.
Up the stairs they rushed, both of them.
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