The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Big-Hands, don't tell anyone," said Nobbly, in a small voice. " Please be friends with me again—and don't tell anybody about this. I do hate to be laughed at."
" Well, you deserve to be," said Big-Hands. " You have been very unkind lately, Nobbly—smacking my cat, and throwing rubbish into my garden, and letting your bonfire smoke come into my kitchen, and playing your gramophone when I am trying to have a nap. You don't deserve any kindness from me. No—I think everyone must hear this funny story about you. It's such z joke! "
" Oh please, Big-Hands, I know I've been unkind and horrid," wept the goblin. " But I won't be again. I do want to be friends with you. You were so kind to stay with me to-night. I will buy your cat a nice fresh fish from the fishman each day for a fortnight if you will forgive me, and promise not to tell anyone at all."
" Well, that's a kind thought of yours," said Big-Hands, who was always pleased when anyone was good to his cat. " I'll forgive you and be friends again, then, Nobbly. But you won't mind if I have a good laugh now and again, will you, when I think about to-night? For really it was very, very funny! "
So now the two are great friends once more, and Big-Hands' cat can't understand her good luck when she is given a fish each day by Nobbly the goblin!
And, sometimes, when Nobbly is a bit silly and does foolish things, Big-Hands looks at him with a twinkle in his eye, and begins to laugh. " Do you remember when you caught your own feet instead of a robber?" he chuckles. Then Nobbly goes red, and stops being silly. He does so hate to be reminded of the night when he thought his feet were hands!
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