The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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ready for the circus. Come along!" " I must wind up my clock­work clown to dance for the last time," said Robin, and he felt in his pocket for the key.
It wasn't there! He felt a hole in his pocket—and he knew that the key must have dropped out of it. Now the little clown wouldn't be able to dance any more!
Robin was only six, and he was dreadfully upset. He opened his mouth and howled. Lucy ran up to him, thinking that he had hurt himself.
" I've lost my clown's key! I've lost his key! " wept Robin. " I won't go home till I've found
He felt in his pocket for the key.
" But you must! " said Lucy. " Why, it's almost time to set off for the circus, Robin—and you must wash your face and hands first, and let your mother brush your hair."
" I won't go to the circus! " wept Robin. " I'll stay here all afternoon by myself and look for my clown's key."
" You're silly, Robin," said Harry. " Come on, every one. Leave Robin. He'll come along soon enough when he finds we're gone."
So Harry, Bobby, and Katie ran off, but Lucy didn't really like to leave poor Robin when he was so unhappy. She was a kind little girl.
" Don't cry any more, Robin," she said. " I'll help you to look for your key. Hurry up and help me."
So the two of them began to hunt in the grass, but, dear me, it seemed as if that key was nowhere to be found! Lucy began to be worried, for the time was slipping on, and she knew that she couldn't go to the circus if she was much later.
" Robin, let's go now," she said. " Come along. We shall be too late for the circus in a minute."
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