The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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But Robin wouldn't go. He stood there, clutching his clock­work clown in one hand and wiping his eyes with the other. He didn't care about anything except finding his lost key.
"Oh, well! " said Lucy. "If you won't come I'll stay with you —but I do hope we find the key soon! "
In a little while the other chil­dren ran out of their houses down the lane, waved to Lucy, and went off to the circus. Tears came into the little girl's eyes. Now she was too late to go! She went down on
her hands and knees again and
looked carefully for that tiresome "I've found a four-leaved clover."         key.
And what do you think she found? She found a four-leaved clover! Now, as you know, a four-leaved clover is supposed to be very lucky indeed, for it has magic in it! Lucy and the other children had often hunted for one, and had never found one—and now here was a fine one, with four green leaves, a really-and-truly four-leaved clover!
"Look, Robin! " said Lucy joyfully. "I've found a four-leaved clover! Now 1 shall have some luck! "
" It's too late to be lucky," said Robin. " We've missed the circus now—and haven't found my key."
" Why, here's the key, under this dandelion! " cried Lucy. And so it was! " My four-leaved clover has brought us luck already! "
" But it's too late for the circus," said Robin again.
" Hurry, and we'll see! " said Lucy. So they hurried. Robin went to his home and Lucy went to hers. And it was too late for Lucy; but do you know, when Robin told his father how kind Lucy had been to him, he jumped up and said:
" Well, that kind little girl shan't miss the circus! I'll get out
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