The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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O nce there was a humming top who was very proud indeed of hum­ming and spinning. He spun himself round all day long till the other toys got quite giddy with watching him. He hummed all the time, too. " Zoooooooooooom! " he sang. " Zooooooooooooom! "
" Do stop," said the baby doll. " I'm tired of hearing you."
" Yes, He down and have a rest," said the wooden soldier. " You make me tired."
" You are jealous of me because I can spin and hum and none of you can do the same! " sang the top, zooming even more loudly. " I shall run away from you. You are selfish, stupid toys! I shall go out into the big world and hum and spin all I like."
" Go then," said the wooden soldier. " You'll be sorry. It isn't often that toys have a beautiful nursery like this to live in, and a kind little girl like Katie to play with us."
The top spun round quickly. " Zooooooom! " it said. " There are better things than this! Good-bye! "
It spun itself out of the nursery—and down the stairs—and out of the back door—and down the garden path—and into the road! " Zooooooooooooom! " it went.
It met a duck waddling along. The duck stared in surprise. " Zooooooooom! " said the top. " I'm a wonder, I am! See me spin! Hear me hum! Zoooooom! Can you do that, duck? "
" Quack! " said the duck. " No, I've never seen any one like you before. I don't like you." The duck pecked at the top and it almost lost
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