The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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The bumble-bee flew off, zooming through the air just like a big hurnming-top. Soon he was back—and hurrying over the ground below Him came twenty big garden-spiders.
" Now we will show you how we spin," said the spider. " Bumble­bee, sing us a tune—for very soon the top will cease to hum. Sisters, begin your work! Spin well! "
The top hummed angrily and more loudly than ever as it spun round and round among the long-legged spiders. Quietly they began to spin out their silken threads. The wind took the threads into the air and wound them round the spinning top. More and more threads floated out from the spiders' bodies. More and more quickly they spun them. Soon hundreds of strong silky threads were fastened around the top.
It began to find it difficult to spin so fast. The threads pulled against it. The top spun slowly and more slowly—and yet more slowly! Its voice became fainter. The bee's loud hum could be heard above its own faint zoom.
" What are you doing—what are you doing? " hummed the top faintly.
" We are spinning, spinning, spinning," said the spider. " Not quite your kind of spinning, perhaps—but spinning all the same. We are spin­ning threads that will stop your spinning, proud and haughty top! Ah! Others can spin and hum, you see! "
The top wobbled—and wobbled—and stopped. It fell over on its side. It could not spin any longer, for the spiders' threads held it too tightly. The bumble-bee hummed in joy.
Soon hundreds of strong silky threads were fastened around the top.
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