The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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O nce upon a time old Dame Trit-trot went to market and bought a big spray of holly berries to make her house pretty. And when she got home, what did she find fast asleep in the middle of the prickly spray, but a small fairy, wrapped in a cobweb blanket!
Now Dame Trit-trot did not believe in fairies at all, so, of course, she did not think this was a fairy.
" It's a doll! " she said. " How queer! Well, I never saw such a dainty little doll before! It will do for my grand-daughter Jane."
So she wrapped the fairy in white tissue-paper and put her in a card­board box. She took it to Jane the next day, and Jane opened the box and unwrapped the tissue-paper.
Jane's mother peeped into the box and saw the sleeping fairy there. "' Oh! " she cried, " what a beautiful little doll! It has wings like a fairy."
" It is a fairy," said Jane, who believed in fairies, and knew one when she saw one.
" Don't be silly, darling," said her mother. " There are no such things as fairies! "
" But, Mother, this is a real live one! " cried Jane. " It is, it is! Look at her wings! Look at her tiny little nails! "
" What funny things children say! " said Granny Trit-trot. So Jane said no more. But she knew quite well that the doll was a real live fairy, fast asleep.
She carried the box away to her nursery and took out the sleeping fairy very carefully. She put her into her doll's bed and covered her up well.
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