The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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How lovely the fairy looked, lying in the tiny bed, her golden hair fluffed out on the little pillow, and one of her small hands outside the sheet. Jane was so happy and excited. When would the fairy wake up?
" Jane, Jane! Here's John come to see you! " Mother called up the stairs—and Jane heard John running up. She ran to meet him, her face red with excitement.
" John! Come here! I've got a real live fairy asleep in my doll's bed! Look! "
She took John to the bed and he looked down at the sleeping fairy. Then he laughed. "That's only a doll! " he said. "I don't believe in fairies, Jane. That's a doll—you can't make me believe it's a fairy! "
" But look at her silvery wings peeping out of the bedclothes! " said Jane. " Look at her beautiful hair! Besides, she is alive. Don't you see her pink cheeks? "
" It's just a Christmas-tree fairy doll," said John. " I tell you, I don't believe in fairies! "
Jane said no more. She knew that Angela, her friend, believed in fairies, so that afternoon she made Angela come in from her walk and see the doll.
" Jane! It's a real live fairy! " said Angela, in delight. " Oh, Jane, how lucky you are! How lucky! "
" Isn't it funny, Angela, people who don't believe in fairies think she's just a doll," said Jane. " So they only see a doll lying there—but you and I, who do believe in fairies, can see quite well that she is really a sleeping fairy! Oh, I do wonder when she will wake up!"
Every day Jane went to the
doll's bed to see if the fairy had Every day Jane went to the doll's bed.
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