The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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A Little Weather Girl
D o you know how to make a weather girl who will tell you if the weather is going to be wet or fine? You want a fir-cone, a nice round oak-apple, a flat bit of cork, an acorn-cup, and a few short twigs.
Now look at my picture. Can you make a girl like that! Her body is the fir-cone, and the frills of her dress are the scales of the cone.
Her head is an oak-apple. You must draw her face yourself. Her hat
is your acorn-cup. If you want her to have hair, get some wool from Mother, and cut it into a lot of short pieces. Glue them on her head and pop the hat on top. She will look very funny.
The twigs are for arms and legs. You may have to make holes to push the twigs into, but if you sharpen the ends of the twigs, it will be easy.
Now run the leg-twigs into a flat cork, for a stand. (Sharpen the ends first.) There's your weather-girl!
She will expand or ruffle out her skirts if the weather is fine, but will close up the ruffles if it is wet. Isn't she clever?
Divide field as shown by dotted lines
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