The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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The Tiresome Brownie
E very year the brownies of Heyho Village held a meeting to decide all kinds of things—whether a new lamp-post was needed in the village—if they should build a new village-hall—and what to give the policeman when he had finished his twenty years of looking after Heyho.
" This year there are such a lot of things to talk about," said Bron, the chief brownie. " It's a pity that that tiresome old brownie, Mister Slowcoach, should have to come. He takes about an hour to look at even one paper, and it makes the meeting so long! "
" Last year we didn't get home till midnight," said Fiddle. " All because Mister Slowcoach kept asking the silliest questions all the time."
" Well, this year we shan't get home at all, it seems to me," said Bron, looking at the things they had to talk about at the meeting. " It will take Slowcoach quite twelve hours to think about everything."
" Need we have him at the meeting? " asked Jinks impatiently.
" I'm afraid we must," said Bron. " He's always been, and he always expects to come."
Fiddle thought it was a great nuisance. He went away and thought about it—and by and by a grin came over his merry face. He had thought of an idea!
It was Fiddle's job to choose the meeting-place somewhere out-of-doors, and find comfortable rocks or stones to sit on, or grow a ring of
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