The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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T here was once a poor old Teddy Bear who belonged to a little girl called Joan. She didn't treat him very well, for she had pulled out an eye, and made one of his arms loose. She often left him out in the rain, so he looked very dirty, and always had a cold.
The other toys thought him a dirty, sniffy old creature, and they wouldn't let him live in the toy cupboard with them.
" No, get away, Teddy," said the big doll, pushing him out. " We shall catch your cold."
So the teddy meekly sat by the window alone and wished he had a handkerchief. The baby doll had one in her pocket, but he knew she wouldn't lend it to him.
Now one autumn day Joan took her toys out into the garden and sat them on the seat. She played school with them, and pretended that the teddy was very naughty indeed.
" You are the only toy that is not listening to your lessons! " she said to him. " You are very naughty. Go into the corner."
So the teddy had to stand down and turn his face to the bushes in the corner. He didn't really mind much, because, you see, he knew it was pretending. But what he did mind a great deal was being forgotten afterwards!
When the time came for Joan to take in her toys she forgot all about the teddy. She gathered up the toys on the seat, and took them indoors into the warmth and brightness of the nursery. But poor old Teddy was
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