The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" I don't see why you should go back to Joan at all," said Sandy. <c Why not live with me here, in my kennel? There is plenty of room for both of us. I could keep you warm and play with you, and you could fetch me water or biscuits if Joan forgets them."
" Yes, and I could undo your chain at night so that you could go for a run, if Joan doesn't take you out for a walk each day! " said the teddy, in excitement. " I could help you a lot, Sandy! "
" Well, let's do it then," said Sandy, giving the bear a lick on his nose. " I'd love to have you living with me. You're a nice little bear. Joan can't want you or love you if she leaves you out in the garden. She can just go without you! "
So the bear stayed in the kennel and didn't go out into the garden at all. Joan didn't remember him, so no one looked for him. When night came, the bear made his way out of the kennel, and said, " Sandy, Joan didn't give you fresh water, so I am going to get you some. You must be very thirsty. This has been frozen all day. You have had nothing to drink."
The teddy took a stone and cracked the ice in the drinking bowl. Then he emptied it all out and carried the bowl to the tap. It was heavy for him, but he managed it. He turned on the tap, and let some water run into the bowl. Then he turned off the tap and carried the bowl back carefully to the kennel. How glad Sandy was to have a good long drink! He had plenty of biscuits and a bone, for Joan had remembered those; but she hadn't taken him for a run, and he was longing to stretch his legs.
" I'll undo your chain now," said Teddy. He found it hard to undo at first, for he didn't know how to, but at last he managed it, and off went Sandy into the night, racing round and round the garden in delight. It was good to stretch his legs when he had been still all day!
Sandy raced back to the kennel. " Get on
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