The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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I'll make him a little chocolate birthday-cake of his own, with his name on it in white sugar. He'll like that."
So the next day Mrs. Chinks made Sneaky's birthday-cake, and she used the twiddley-egg in it. She didn't know it was a twiddley-egg, of course. She wrote Sneaky's name on the cake in white sugar and it looked fine. Then she sent it to Sneaky with her love.
Sneaky loved chocolate cakes. When he saw the nice one that his aunt, Mrs. Chinks, had sent him, he was simply delighted. " I shall eat it all up myself," he said. " I shan't waste it on any one else at all."
Well, he did eat it all himself—and, as soon as he had eaten it the twiddley-egg that had gone to make the cake began to work inside him. And it turned his face bright green.
My goodness me, what a shock Sneaky got when he saw himself in the glass! He stared and he stared—and he shouted in rage:
" There was a twiddley-egg in that cake! There was, there was! Oh, I'll give my aunt such a talking-to for using a twiddley-egg in her cake! Look what it's done to my face! It's as green as a cucumber."
Sneaky rushed off to Mrs. Chinks in a fine temper. How she stared when she saw his face! It looked really dreadful.
"You used a twiddley-egg in the birthday-cake you sent me! " shouted Sneaky. " You wicked woman! "
" I didn't know it was a twiddley-egg, Sneaky," said Mrs. Chinks. " The brown mouse that keeps house for Little-toes the pixie, gave me the egg."
" I'll tell Little-toes a few things! " roared Sneaky in a rage. " You come along and hear what I say to her! "
He dragged Mrs. Chinks to Little-toes' house and began to shout at the pixie through the window. Little-toes was surprised.
" I didn't know it was a twiddley-egg," she said. " It was given to me by kind old Mister Snooks."
So Sneaky rushed off to old Mister Snooks, still dragging his poor aunt with him. Mister Snooks was amazed to see Sneaky's angry green face at his door when he opened it.
" I didn't know that egg was a twiddley-egg when I sent it in to Little-toes," he said. " How dreadful you look, Sneaky! "
"Where did you get that twiddley-egg from? " shouted Sneaky.
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