The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Well, Dame Slap gave it to me most kindly," said Mister Snooks. " But she's such a dear old lady, I'm sure she wouldn't give me a twiddley-egg if she knew it was one."
" Dame Slap's a horrid creature," said Sneaky. " She's slapped me many a time."
" Then I've no doubt you deserved it," said Mister Snooks, who couldn't bear Sneaky. " I'll come straight along with you now and ask Dame Slap about it."
So Mrs. Chinks, Sneaky, and Mister Snooks went to see Dame Slap. How the old woman shrieked when she opened her door and saw Sneaky's green face!
" Oh, you've eaten a twiddley-egg! " she cried. " How silly of you! But I know how to get rid of the greenness, so don't worry."
" It was you that gave the twiddley-egg to Mister Snooks," said Sneaky fiercely. " And he gave it to Little-toes—and she gave it to my aunt, Mrs. Chinks—and she put it into a birthday-cake she was making for me—and I ate it all up. How dare you give Mister Snooks a twiddley-
egg! "
" I didn't know it was a twiddley-egg," said Dame Slap. " It had the green star rubbed off—I wonder why! "
" Where did you get the egg, Dame Slap? " asked Mrs. Chinks suddenly.
" Why—Sneaky gave it to me himself! " said Dame Slap, remem­bering. " Oh, Sneaky! How funny! You gave me the very egg that has turned your own face green. Where did you get it from? "
Then Sneaky went red all over his green face—and the others guessed at once what he had been up to.
" You found the egg, Sneaky—and you rubbed the green star off it— and you gave it to Dame Slap to pay her out for slapping you last week! ' cried Mrs. Chinks. " Yes—and it's come back to you in a cake—and your face has gone green. Ha, ha! It serves you right."
" Please, Dame Slap, tell me how to get the green out of my face," said Sneaky in a small voice.
" Not I! " said Dame Slap. " You can keep that green face for ever. And every time you look in the glass it will remind you not to be mean and deceitful. Here's something to help you home, though."
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