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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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PREFACE                               ix
have been great inventive geniuses among beasts long ago, and that now they have rather got into a habit (which I think a very good one) of being content with the discoveries of their ancestors. This led naturally to some observations on Instinct and Reason; but there may be children who are glad that there was no room for this chapter.
The longer stories from Monsieur Dumas were translated from the French by Miss Cheape.
' A Rat Tale' is by Miss Evelyn Grieve, who knew the rats.
'Mr. Gully' is by Miss Elspeth Campbell, to whom Mr. Gully belonged.
'The Dog of Montargis,' 'More Faithful than Favoured,' and ' Androcles' are by Miss Eleanor Sellar.
Snakes, Bears, Ants, Wolves, Monkeys, and some Lions are by Miss Lang.
' Two Highland Dogs' is by Miss Goodrich Freer.
' Fido' and ' Oscar' and ' Patch' are by Miss A. M. Alleyne.
' Djijam' is by his master.
' The Starling of Segringen' and 4 Grateful Dogs ' are by Mr. Bartells.
'Tom the Bear,' 'The Frog,' ' Jacko the Monkey' and ' Gazelle' are from Dumas by Miss Blackley.
All the rest are by Mrs. Lang.
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