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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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' TOM'
Some sixty years ago and more, a well-known artist named Decamps lived in Paris. He was the intimate friend of some of the first authors, artists, and scientific men of the day, and was devotedly fond of animals of all sorts. He loved to paint them, and he kept quite a small menagerie in his studio where a bear, a monkey, a tortoise, and a frog lived (more or less) in peace and harmony together.
The bear's name was ' Tom,' the monkey was called ' Jacko I.,'2 the frog was 'Mademoiselle Camargo,' and the tortoise ' Gazelle.'
Here follows the story of Tom, the bear.
It was the night of Shrove Tuesday in the year 1832. Tom had as yet only spent six months in Paris, but he was really one of the most attractive bears you could wish to meet.
He ran to open the door when the bell rang, he mounted guard for hours together, halberd in hand, standing on his hind legs, and he danced a minuet with infinite grace, holding a broomstick behind his head.
He had spent the whole day in the exercise of these varied accomplishments, to the great delight of the fre­quenters of his master's studio, and had just retired to the
1  From Alexandre Dumas.
2  To distinguish him from Jacko II., a monkey belonging to Tony Johannot, the painter.
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