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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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About seventy or eighty years ago two little panthers were deserted by their mother in one of the forests of Ashantee. They were too young to get food for them­selves, and would probably have died had they not been found by a passing traveller, and by him taken to the palace as a present to the king. Here they lived and played happily for several weeks, when one day the elder and larger, whose name was Sai, gave his brother, in fun, such a dreadful squeeze that, without meaning it, he suffo­cated him. This frightened the king, who did not care to keep such a powerful pet about him, and he gave him away to Mr. Hutchison, an English gentleman, who was a sort of governor for the English traders settled in that part of Africa.
Mr. Hutchison and Sai took a great fancy to each other, and spent a great deal of time together, and when, a few months later, Mr. Hutchison returned to Cape Coast he brought Sai with him. The two friends always had dinner at the same time, Sai sitting at his master's side and eating quietly whatever was given him. In general he was quite content with his portion, but once or twice, when he was hungrier than usual, he managed to steal a fowl out of the dish. For the sake of his manners the fowl was always taken from him, although he was invariably given some other food to satisfy his hunger.
At first the inhabitants of the castle and the children were much afraid of him, but he soon became very tame, 1 From Loudon's Magazine of Natural History.
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