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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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nibbled all round as far as he could, it was not what might be called ' a square meal.' The cook was indeed amazed when, next morning, she found only three-fourths of her precious duck remaining. ' Ah!' she said, ' I'll be even with you yet, you cunning beasts! ' And that night she sliced up part of a duck with some cheese, and put it in a plate on the larder floor. At his usual hour, when all was dark and quiet, Huggy and his followers arrived, and, seeing their much-coveted prize under their very noses, were cautious. But Huggy was up to the trick. ' To-night and to­morrow night you may eat it,'he said, 'but beware of the third.' So they partook of the duck, and enjoyed it that night and the next, but the third the dish was left untouched.
The cook was up betimes that morning, so that she might bury the corpses before breakfast. Her dog (the same who had robbed Huggy of his tail), according to his custom, followed her into the larder. On seeing the plate just as she had left it the
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