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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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This pocket had already held a good many rabbits in its time!
Vatrin turned to congratulate Pritchard, but he had disappeared.
' He's off to find another rabbit,' said Michel.
And accordingly, after ten minutes or so, we came upon Pritchard making another point. This time Vatrin had a stick ready cut; and after a minute, plunging his hands into a brier bush, he pulled out by the ears a second rabbit.
' There, Michel,' he said, ' put that into your other pocket.'
' Oh,' said Michel, ' there's room for five more in this one.'
k Hallo, Michel! people don't say those things before a magistrate.' And turning to Vatrin I added, ' Let us try once more, Vatrin — the number three is approved by the gods.'
' May be,' said Vatrin, ' but perhaps it won't be ap­proved by M. Guerin.'
M. Guerin was the police inspector.
Next time we came upon Pritchard pointing, Vatrin said, ' I wonder how long he would stay like that;' and he pulled out his watch.
' Well, Vatrin,' said I, ' you shall try the experiment, as it is in your own vocation; but I am afraid I have not the time to spare.'
Michel and I then returned home. Vatrin followed with Pritchard an hour afterwards.
' Five-and-twenty minutes!' he called out as soon as he was within hearing. ' And if the rabbit had not gone away, the dog would have been there now.'
' Well, Vatrin, what do you think of him? '
' Why, I say he is a good pointer; he has only to learn to retrieve, and that you can teach him yourself. I need not keep him any longer.'
' Do you hear, Michel ? '
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