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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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how hit upon some idea which would enable him to reach the 'bones of contention.'
All at once he jumped up, for after hard thought he had got what he wanted. He trotted merrily to the length of his chain, and now it was Pyramus's turn to look on and to think with satisfaction: ' "Well, if I can't get them, you can't either, which is a comfort.'
But gradually his grin of delight changed into a savage snarl, as Cartouche turned himself round when he
had got to the end of his chain, and stretching out his paw, hooked the bone which he gradually drew within reach, and before Pyramus had recovered from his astonishment, Cartouche had got possession of all the bones and was cracking them with great enjoyment inside his kennel.
It may seem very unjust that Cartouche was always kept chained up, while Pyramus was allowed to roam about freely, but the fact was that Pyramus only ate or stole when he was really hungry, while Cartouche was by
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