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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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gone far enough, they would have reached the Dog's Ferry, a spot where the water is so narrow that a dog may easily swim across. Righ, strong swimmer that he was, had often crossed the loch near his master's house, where the ferry boats ply, and needed no Dog's Ferry, but few dogs made such powerful strokes in the water as he.
This day, however, they did not reach the Dog's Ferry. The afternoon was closing in, there were streaks of gold in the dull grey sky, and it was, the good Father thought, time to return. 'Never mind, little man,' he said as Speireag looked reproachfully at him with wistful brown eyes gleaming through overhanging silvery locks, ' we'll do it to-morrow, only we must set off earlier.'
This was good news, and the little dog started home gaily, running, as little dogs will, ten miles, at least, to every one of the road, and tired enough when home was reached at last. Dinner was a welcome feast, and Righ and Speireag slept sound till it was time for evening service. They always attended chapel night and morn­ing, and took their places at the foot of the steps, half­way, when both were present, between mistress in her seat and master at the place of his sacred office. To­night, as usual, they remained perfectly quiet and appa­rently indifferent to what was going on till, at the words 'Lighten our darkness,' bed-time came into immediate prospect, and they started into expectant attitudes, await­ing the final ' Amen.'
The next morning, though cold, was fine and fairly bright, and the dogs watched eagerly for signs of the promised walk. The service in chapel was rather long this morn­ing, for, as it was Advent, the ' Benedicite' was read, and though Righ and Speireag noticed only that they had time for a longer nap than usual, there were some present who will never forget, as the season comes round again
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