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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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they must be in the wood, for he could not remember
having picked them up or fastening them to his saddle.
He turned his horse and rode back again as hard as
he could.
When he came to the brook he sighed and said, ' Poor
Fido! ' but though he looked about he could see nothing
of her. When he crossed the brook he saw some drops
of blood on the ground, and all along the road he still saw
drops of blood. Tears came into his eyes, and he felt
very sad and guilty, for now he understood why little
Fido had acted so strangely. She knew that her master
had left behind his precious bags of gold, and so she
had tried to tell him in the only way she could.
All the way to the wood lay the drops of blood. At
last he reached the wood, and there, all safe, lay the bags
of gold, and beside them, with her little nose lying over
one end of them, lay faithful Fido, who, you will be pleased
to hear, recovered from her wound, and lived to a great age.
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