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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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238                         MONKEY STORIES
bring in his paw to one of the sailors, and seem to ask him to dress him. He had a bed to sleep in, and at night used to put his head on the pillow and tuck himself in like a human being. His story is unfortunately a short one, for he died soon after coming to London. He could not long survive the change from his native forests to the cage of a menagerie.
Another, a female, was brought to Holland nearly a hundred years later, in 1776, but she, too, pined and died after seven months' captivity. She was very gentle and affectionate, and became so fond of her keeper that when they left her alone, she used to throw herself on the ground screaming, and tearing in pieces anything in her reach, just like a naughty child. She could behave as well as
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