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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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THE STORY OF OSCAR                      267
In a minute or two the gulls would settle down again to their meal, and again Oscar would charge and rout them.
This little mauoeuvre of his would be repeated many times, till a long clear whistle was heard from the road by the loch. Then the gulls might finish their supper in peace, for Oscar's master had called him, and now he was walking quietly along by his side, looking as if there were no such things in the world as gulls.
' No, Oscar, lad! Not to-day ! not to-day!' said the minister one afternoon, as he put on his hat and coat and took his stick from the dog who always fetched it when he saw preparations being made for a walk.
' I can't take you with me; you must stay in the paddock. No run by the loch this afternoon, lad. 'Tis too long, and you are not so strong as you were. We are growing old together, Oscar.'
The dog watched his master till he disappeared over the little bridge and up the glen, and then he went and lay down by the paling which surrounded the bit of field. Jean soon went out to a friend's house to have a little gossip, and Oscar was left alone.
He felt rather forlorn. Across the road he heard the distant splashing of the waves as they ran angrily up the beach of the loch, and the whistling of the wind down the glen.
He watched the grey clouds scudding away overhead, and he envied the children he heard playing in the street, or racing after the tourist coach on its way up the Pass.
He began to feel drowsy.
' The gulls will be feeding on the banks now! How I wish . . .' and his eyes closed, and he dreamt a nice dream, that he was dashing along through shallow pools of water towards the white chattering flock, when what was this in front of him? White feathers! Two gulls! Was he dreaming still? No the gulls were real! What luck ! He could not go to the gulls, so the gulls had come to him.
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