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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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of them, with Hansel, fell into a snare which had been laid by a fowler, who soon came to see what was in his net. Putting in his hand, he drew out one prisoner after another, callously wringing their necks one by one.
But suddenly, when he was stretching out his mur­derous fingers to seize another victim, this one cried out: 'I am the barber of Segringen!'
The man almost fell backwards with astonishment and fright, believing he had to do with a sorcerer at least; but presently recovering himself a little, he remembered the starling, and said: ' Eh, Hansel, is it you! How did you come into the net? '
' By keeping bad company,' replied Hansel.
' And shall I carry you home again?'
' As heaven will,' replied the starling.
Then the fowler took him back to the barber, and related the manner of his capture, receiving a good reward.
The barber also reaped a fine harvest, for more people came to his shop on purpose to see the clever bird, who had saved his life by his ready tongue.
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