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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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Sir John never forgot him, and also loved to talk of him to his friends. ' Now let Ulysses praise his dogge Argus,' he writes to Prince Henry, ' or Tobit be led by that dogge whose name doth not appear; yet could I say such things of my Bungey as might shame them both, either for good faith, clear wit, or wonderful deedes; to say no more than I have said of his bearing letters to London and Green­wich, more than a hundred miles. As I doubt not but your Highness would love my dogge, if not my self e, I have been thus tedious in his storie; and again saie, that of all the dogges near your father's courte, not one hathe more love, more diligence to please, or less paye for pleasinge, than him I write of.'
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