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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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neighbour the baker. The Signora, declared the baker, had become most accomplished in the art of running up a long bill, and always, of course, at her master's orders. Only he, the master, when he looked over the reckoning, growled to himself: ' My neighbour is a rogue; he chalks up the amount double.'
How very much was he astonished, then, and how quickly were his suspicions turned into laughter, when he beheld, through a half-open door, the following absurd scene.
It was one fine morning, and Lori sat upon the top of his cage, calling out in his shrillest tones: ' Signora, Signora! ' The poodle hastened to present herself before him, wagging her tail, and Lori continued, ' Go to the baker.' The Signora fetched the little basket from its place, and put it before her tyrant, scratching her paw on the floor to ask for money.
' On tick! ' was Lori's prompt and brief remark; the Signora seized the basket, and rushed out of the door. Before long she returned, laid the basket, full of the little cakes, before the parrot, and looked with a beseeching air for the reward of her toil.
But the wicked Lori received her with a sharp ' get out,' putting her to flight, and proceeded to enjoy his ill-gotten gains in solitude.
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