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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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378                    THE STORY OF A FROG
Love promptly stood up on his hind legs and began to dance.
' Dear me,' said Alexandre, as he lowered his gun and contemplated his dog: ' It appears that Love unites the lighter accomplishments to his more serious education. I seem to have made rather a good bargain.' However, having bought Love to point and not to dance, he waited till the dance was over and repeated in firm tones: ' Seek!'
Love stretched himself out at full length and appeared to be dead.
Alexandre put his glass into his eye and inspected Love. The intelligent creature was perfectly immovable; not a hair on his body stirred, he might have been dead for twenty-four hours.
' This is all very pretty,' said Alexandre, ' but, my friend, this is not the time for these jokes. We are here to shoot let us shoot. Come! get up.'
Love did not stir an inch.
'"Wait a bit,' remarked Alexandre, as he picked up a stick from the ground and took a step towards Love, intending to stir him up with it: ' Wait a bit.' But no sooner did Love see the stick in his master's hand than he sprang to his feet and eagerly watched his movements. Alexandre thinking the dog was at last going to obey, held the stick towards him, and for the third time ordered him to ' seek.'
Love took a run and sprang gracefully over the stick.
Love could do three things to perfection dance on his hind legs, sham dead, and jump for the king!
Alexandre, however, who did not appreciate the third accomplishment any more than he had done the two others, broke the stick over Love's back, which sent him off howling to his master's friend.
As fate would have it the friend fired at that very moment, and an unfortunate lark fell right into Love's jaws. Love thankfully accepted this windfall, and made
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