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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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380                    THE STORY OF A FROG
Thinking it must be a young bird which had strayed fron. its covey, he laid down his gun, took his cap in his hand, and cautiously creeping near, like a child about to catch a butterfly, he flung the cap over the unknown object, put in his hand and drew out — a frog!
Anyone else would have flung the frog away, but Alexandre philosophically reflected that there must cer­tainly be some great future in store for this, the sole result of his day's sport; so he accordingly put the frog care­fully into his game bag and brought it home, where he
transferred it to an empty glass jam jar and poured the contents of his water-bottle on its head.
So much care and trouble for a frog may appear excessive; but Alexandre knew what this particular frog had cost him, and he treated it accordingly.
It had cost him 660 francs, without counting his licence.
' Ah, ah! ' cried Dr. Thierry as he entered the studio next day, ' so you've got a new inmate.' And without paying any attention to Tom's friendly growls or to Jacko's engaging grimaces, he walked straight up to the
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