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Edited By Andrew Lang And With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford

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THE STORY OF A FROG                   381
jar which contained Mademoiselle Camargo — as she had already been named.l
Mademoiselle Camargo, unaware that Thierry was not only a learned doctor, but also a most intellectual and delightful person, fell to swimming round and round her jar as fast as she could go, which however did not prevent her being seized by one of her hind legs.
' Dear me,' said Thierry, as he turned the little crea­ture about, ' a specimen of the Rana temporaria. See, there are the two black spots near the eyes which give it the name. Now if you only had a few dozens of this species, I should advise you to have a fricassee made of their hind legs, to send for a couple of bottles of good
' A fashionable dancer in Paris.
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