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20                         EAST OF THE SUN AND
When they had gone a great part of the way, the White Bear said: ' Are you afraid ? '
' No, that I am not,' said she.
'Keep tight hold of my fur, and then there is no danger,' said he.
And thus she rode far, far away, until they came to a great mountain. Then the White Bear knocked on it, and a door opened, and they went into a castle where there were many brilliantly lighted rooms which shone with gold and silver, likewise a large
hall in which there was a well-spread table, and it was so magni­ficent that it would be hard to make anyone understand how splendid it was. The White Bear gave her a silver bell, and told her that when she needed anything she had but to ring this bell, and what she wanted would appear. So after she had eaten, and night was drawing near, she grew sleepy after her journey, and thought she would like to go to bed. She rang the bell, and scarcely had she touched it before she found herself in a chamber where a bed stood ready made for her, which was as pretty as any­one could wish to sleep in. It had pillows of silk, and curtains of
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