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After this she thought she found herself in a room with a stately and beautiful lady, who said to her :
' Dear Beauty, try not to regret all you have left behind you, for you are destined to a better fate. Only do not let yourself be deceived by appearances.'
Beauty found her dreams so interesting that she was in no hurry to awake, but presently the clock roused her by calling her name softly twelve times, and then she got up and found her dress­ing-table set out with everything she could possibly want; and when her toilet was finished she found dinner was waiting in the room
next to hers. But dinner does not take very long when you are all by yourself, and very soon she sat down cosily in the corner of a sofa, and began to think about the charming Prince she had seen in her dream.
' He said I could make him happy,' said Beauty to herself.
4 It seems, then, that this horrible Beast keeps him a prisoner. How can I set him free ? I wonder why they both told me not to trust to appearances ? I don't understand it. But, after all, it was only a dream, so why should I trouble myself about it ? I had better go and find something to do to amuse myself.'
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