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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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diamonds. My cradle was placed between the old fairies, who loaded me with caresses, and away we whirled through the air to a tower which they had built on purpose for me. There I grew up sur­rounded with everything that was beautiful and rare, and learning everything that is ever taught to a princess, but without any com­panions but a parrot and a little dog, who could both talk ; and re­ceiving every day a visit from one of the old fairies, who came mounted upon the dragon. One day, however, as I sat at my window I saw a handsome young prince, who seemed to have been hunting in the forest which surrounded my prison, and who was
standing and lookingup at me. When he saw that I observed him he saluted me with great deference. You can imagine that I was delighted to have some one new to talk to, and in spite of the height of my window our conversation was prolonged till night fell, then my prince reluctantly bade me farewell. But after that he came again many times, and at last I consented to marry him, but the question was how I was to escape from my tower. The fairies always supplied me with flax for my spinning, and by great dili­gence I made enough cord for a ladder that would reach to the foot of the tower; but, alas! just as my prince was helping me to
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