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wanted to marry me, but when I refused he uttered the most terrible threats against me, and vowed that he would lay waste my country. But what could I do? I could not marry a frightful giant as tall as a tower, who eats up people as a monkey eats che'stnuts, and who talks so loud that anybody who has to listen to bim becomes quite deaf. Nevertheless, he does not cease to per­secute me and to kill my subjects. So before I can listen to your proposal you must kill him and bring me his head.'
Charming was rather dismayed at this command, but he an­swered :
' Very well, Princess, I will fight this Galifron; I believe that he will kill me, but at any rate I shall die in your defence.'
Then the Princess was frightened and said everything she could think of to prevent Charming from fighting the giant, but it was of no use, and he went out to arm himself suitably, and then, taking little Frisk with him, he mounted his horse and set out for Galifron's country. Everyone he met told him what a terrible giant Galifron was, and that nobody dared go near him; and the more he heard the more frightened he grew. Frisk tried to encourage him by saying:
' While you are fighting the giant, dear master, I will go and bite his heels, and when he stoops down to look at me you can kill him.'
Charming praised his little dog's plan, but knew that his help would not do much good.
At last he drew near the giant's castle, and saw to his horror that every path that led to it was strewn with bones. Before long he saw Galifron coming. His head was higher than the tallest trees, and he sang in a terrible voice :
' Brmg out your little boys and girls, Pray do not stay to do their cm-Is, For I shall eat so very many, I shall not know if they have any.'
Thereupon Charming sang out as loud as he could to the same tune:
' Come out and meet the valiant Charming, Who finds you not at all alarming; Although he is not very tall, He's big enough to make you fall.'
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